Our Story

As founder of The Wayne Institute, I was not unlike many students considering attending our summer camp program today. As a high-achieving, public high school student from South Florida, I was like many ambitious high school students -- involved in multiple student organizations, engaged in countless volunteering opportunities, and carefully attentive to maintaining top-tier grades. However, as a young teenager who would eventually become a first-generation college student, I found few resources to navigate the college admissions process -- not because my school didn’t care, but because they were overworked and understaffed, a key problem of the public school system.

When developing the idea of The Wayne Institute, I sought to serve students starting out on their high school career by answering the question: “What do I know now that I wish I had known then?” By teaming up with passionate education experts and extraordinary students currently attending some of the best colleges and universities in the nation, I have -- as a faculty member of a premier independent school -- developed a curriculum aimed at making sure that your student knows what actions they need to take now to best position themselves in the college admissions process later. I understand that public high school students can be at a disadvantage when applying for their dream school. The Wayne Institute is my answer to the question of what can be done to level the college entrance playing field.  

With great sincerity,

Wayne A. Selogy