Camp Curriculum: Unlike many services in the college preparation market/world that tell people to prepare, The Wayne Institute teaches our students how to prepare.

The team at The Wayne Institute has conducted extensive research that has revealed strategies that work. The key to success is taking strategies that have been successful and developing them into a curriculum personalized to your student. We want our attendees to learn more about themselves -- their aptitudes, their interests, and their definition of success. We combine the approach of getting to know your student with strategies that have worked in the past to build a personalized Roadmap to Success. In short, our curriculum focuses on:

  1. The People. First, our team of mentors at the Wayne Institute is unparalleled. Being able to spend five days with high-achieving students who had the same questions, same anxieties, and same setbacks, will give them access to information they will not find anywhere else. Second, your student will be attending our summer camp program in great company. We know that networking will be invaluable for the entirety of your student’s career. By attending our summer camp program, your student will be able to forge lasting connections with other students who share their interests and ultimate desire to succeed. In our increasingly “connected” society, the most important connections are being lost -- our connections with each other. The Wayne Institute seeks to reclaim them and believes the impacts will be long-lasting.

  2. The Science. The Wayne Institute is an enthusiastic user of unique pedagogical approaches and testing backed by the latest education and development research. During our summer camp program, we use the best set of aptitude and personality tests used by Fortune 500 companies around the world to help your student gain a better understanding of how they operate to develop a personalized plan to succeed in the years to come. When we talk about a plan, not only do we outline what high school classes and extracurricular activities should be pursued by your student, but we also inform your students of what colleges, programs, and careers they are naturally suited to excel at.

  3. The Fun. At the Wayne Institute, it is not all work. During our summer camp program, your student will have ample opportunity to be a kid and bond with their fellow students. The world is forcing our students to grow up more quickly than ever before, but we are still committed to a summer where kids have fun. With activities featuring basketball, bowling, rock wall-climbing, inflatable water-slides, competitive obstacle courses, trips to the movie theater, team-building exercises and more, The Wayne Institute is committed to the core value of fun.

  4. The Roadmap to Success. When your student leaves the Wayne Institute, they will leave with a hardcopy of their personalized Roadmap to Success. Developed specifically for and in consultation with your student, this invaluable guide will provide step-by-step action items to complete in high school and in the college admissions process. Informed by the latest science and your student’s interests, our team of mentors, who are students at elite institutions, will inform your students as to what they need to be doing now to get into their school of choice later.

  5. Scholarship Writing. Every year, millions of dollars available in scholarships for students, even in the early years of high school, are ignored. Our team at The Wayne Institute will find and identify the most relevant ones for your specific student. Even if your student is not yet qualified for a scholarship, we will develop a plan for writing, reviewing, and submitting. Our mentors, during their time in high school, found scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars to offset the cost of attending the most elite universities. This will be a fundamental part of your student’s personalized Roadmap.