The Team: Our talented team of mentors at The Wayne Institute is made up of current undergraduate students at some of the most elite colleges and universities in the world. At the Wayne Institute, near-peer mentorship is the cornerstone of our camp curriculum. Who better to teach your student about the “do’s and don’t’s” of navigating high school and the college admissions process than someone who just accomplished the same goal your student set for themselves? In addition to near-peer mentors, your student will also learn from and interact with experienced educators and college and career-planning representatives throughout the week.

After one week with the Wayne Institute, your student will have gone home with an in-hand Roadmap to Success -- uniquely tailored to your student’s aptitudes and ambitions -- to expertly navigate high school, as well as lasting connections with a diverse group of students and mentors.

Featuring a 10:1 student to mentor ratio, our team offers a unique product unavailable anywhere else. As our carefully-selected mentors commit to working with our students this summer, check back here to learn why the people at The Wayne Institute make it a unique service in preparing your student for success.